Friday, April 17, 2009


Fresh video, fresh sound from a fresh new artiste, DIL! Loving another tune he's got; it's called 'Sing'. DIL raps, sings, produces and writes; talk about talent!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waa wa alright - Kel

With just one single, this young lady has caught the attention of many both home and abroad. She's recently been nominated in 2 categories; Best Rap Single and Next Rated at the 2009 edition of the Hiphop World Awards, one of the most prestigious music awards in Nigeria.

Pls vote for her by clicking on

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This has to be one of my favourite videos yet. It's from the media production coy that has come to invade our music, Knighthouse. They started with the matrix/clubby video which featured M.I, Nyore and Mo'Cheddah, then shocked us with a Clarence Peters video that not only had Tha Suspect rapping in English (dude's known for his pidgin English flows); but had Clarence himself spitting a very mean 16..what what

Now this video is called 'The Finest' and it features Naija's mad rapper, Saucekid (lol); fresh, fine boy rapper and freestyle champ, Teeto and the new pop princess, Mo'Cheddah. The video was shot and directed by Clarence A. Peters and his Capital Dreams crew, somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos. The video had cameo appearances by some of Naija's finest and True School artistes; Terry Tha Rapman, Loose Kaynon, Kel, Wizkid, 4th Republic, Ex-O etc and then there were different crews reppin their areas (

I love the energy and vibe in this video, everytime I see it, I get prouder (pardonez moi) of Nigerian entertainment. The concept of the vid, the scenes, the lyrics, the artiste were just so on point!! My favourite scenes in this vid are 'the scene wth Teeto working out (just hooooot!!!)'; 'the scene close to the end when Mo'Cheddah just dances away (lovely!)'; the Vegas looking scene in the car; 'the scene with the Knighthouse crew, where Othello does his thing, calling out the areas and things'; the end of the vid where Saucekid shows his true colours; and my most fav was the scene where all the artistes I work with appeared...Kel, Wizkid, Adonis, Tha Suspect and Slim T :) (sweeeet!!!!!!!! lol) I'm just excited about the video and even more thrilled that the Knighthouse Street Scriptures Vol. 1 drops May 31st.

Here's the video, enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Guess who's climbing up the!

Here's introducing a new act outta Naija...PIPER!!!

He was born in the nineties, a revolutionary period for hip-hop music around the world. One might say that being born during that era is probably the reason why Piper got influenced by music at such an early age. Others may say it was being born to a family where his father was a deejay that inspired him to doing music professionally. For Piper, it all started at a very young age when he’d go for shows and subconsciously imbibe what he saw different artists do on stage. He discovered a studio close to his house, recorded a track called ‘Naija Boy’ and the following week, it got played on radio by Dayo Adeneye (D1) and that was when he decided to do music professionally.

Although he’s in his 2nd year at the Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Piper’s ready to drop his first singles, which include the club banger, ‘Wine It For Me’ with Terry G. Piper’s style of music is influenced by a blend of his love for hip-hop and afro-beat (special reference to Fela); he gathers inspiration from life’s experiences.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


She grew up on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria, in the quiet and reserved Satellite Town. She got involved with rap as a hobby but then it stuck after months and months of constant mimes to tracks by popular international acts like Bone Thugs and Harmony, Eminem, Missy Elliot, Eve and Left Eye. Kel got into music professionally in 2002 when she hooked up with an indie music label; after a series of life-teaching events, that ship had to sail. She went on to learn more about music, the art of RAP and hone her skills; in that time she worked with several artistes and producers such as Freestyle, Terry tha Rapman, Jokaynie and Sound Sultan. Years later in 2007, Terry Tha Rapman introduced her to Clarence A. Peters, who was shopping for acts new record label, CAPital Hill Music.

Her first single, Waa Wa Alright was released in March 2008 and to date, it enjoys impressive reviews in both local and international media. Though she has become reasonably famous around these parts, Kel still keeps a level head, trying to balance her new found fame and seemingly regular life in Satellite Town. Kel is just the girl next door with great talent and everything that goes with it; a record label and management that are wholly committed to her; the swag of a rapper; she's chic; you name it. As the 23-year old rapper puts final touches to her much awaited debut album, The Investment, word has it that new videos and singles will soon hit airwaves, precluding the release of the album. On The Investment, Kel explores different rap styles to establish the ‘Kel’ sound. The album also features some of Nigeria’s finest artists such as Shank, Alaye, YQ, M.I, illBliss, Tha Suspect and Nyore, to mention a few.

Following the release of her debut album, Kel will set new standards for female artists in Africa. Kel represents the average girl, who grew up in a regular environment, discovered a knack and gift for rap and then committed herself to making the best of it. The Investment tells an underlining story of passion and commitment to a cause. In recent times, Kel has done several collabos with artists such as K-Solo, Skuki, H-Man, Tha Suspect, Sound Sultan etc; plus there's that insane hype song she did with Othello & M.I, Talking the Hardest {Naija Mix Vol. 1}

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teeto - Fresh Boy Sturvs!

Oluwatoyin Oluwatitofunmi Salako a.k.a Teeto grew up like many Nigerian children; he attended Federal Government College, Ijanikin and the University of Lagos.

Rap for him, was a sub-conscious build up from the late 80’s; an era where his older brothers took him through a mock course, he calls ‘Rap 101’, which involved him listening to the likes of Erik B, Rakim, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Cool Moe Dee, Kool G, Big Daddy Kane et cetera. He was particularly enthralled by Notorious B.I.G, Nas and Jay Z as time went by. After many years of discovering and honing his rap skills, he developed a perfect blend that allowed him express all the sounds he had acquired from his ‘would-be’ mentors. He did a lot of underground mixtapes while in university; he’d record songs and sell them with the support of close friends and numerous fans.

In 2008, Teeto won the Nigerian leg of the Sprite/Channel O Emcee Africa Contest and that opened up a new phase in his music career. Since then, Teeto has performed alongside many top rated music acts and featured on several songs. ‘Oshamo’ is officially his first mainstream single. It was produced by and also features Tha Suspect {CAPital Hill Music}. Although it’s just about a week old online, it’s already enjoying impressive reviews and is highly anticipated to hit the radio and club airwaves soon.

Enjoy 'Oshamo' {Click on song title for free download}

Thismetalchic says:

"This song's rather catchy, just like Gongo"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ryt Now... Websites

I've decided to start a series titled 'Ryt Now', where I'd just share my views and thoughts on different stuff; yep! all entertainment related sturvs! For starters, I'd like to talk about certain websites that are gradually making me rediscover life outside

Switched On

They started off as a magazine in 2007, yea I'll never forget that 1st ed; it had a condom attached to it! I still remember how the guys at my NYSC zonal office, rushed d mag on CD content of d mag was jus too original, youth culture in a whole new and daring dimension. In 2008, dey stepped up their game, following the 'online-age', and brought us 'switched on naija'. This site is really cool; the images, blogs, interviews, features etc are all on point. I particularly love d mood and tone of the website as a whole; it's very creative and daring, which is the true spirit behind the Nigerian youth today.

We Run Things

"We run things, things no run we" Well, this guys just popped up last year and it doesn't seem like they'll be popping away anytime soon. On werunthings, you get up to date info on some major events; celebs; blogs etc. I love the commentaries as well {people dissing each other can be}

DJ Mighty Mike
Reppin Naija DJs...DJ Mighty Mike reps Naija music hard on this site, you can download some of the hottest songs, videos and freestyles on this site; and make comments about them too. I met DJ Mighty Mike last Christmas and dude's so on point; he's so genuinely passionate about Nigerian music and not the 'razz' stuff put out just to make chedahs but strictly fab home-made music, u dig?

Timmy Naija

Somebodi say 'Timmy Naija'...what?! Our elders say to give praise to whom praise is due and I agree...mehn! every and anytime you hear or see his name, you'd better 'beri' I'm not going to say much about this website cos it can only be experienced, click on it and you'll see why! It's an online music community on the

Yeepa! {}
Another website where you can find really cool reviews, info on events and celebs, pictures, interesting blogs etc...

...the cool thing about these sites is that they are all Nigerian...yessir! u can shout 'Yeepa'...{lol, I jus had to add that}...peace up!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

KH - Purple ft Nyore; M I; Mo'Cheddah

It's the vid for the 1st single off the Knighthouse Street Scriptures; this song features Nyore {reggae artist; M.I {raving hot emcee} and our very own Hip-Pop princess...Mo'Cheddah!
BTW Knighthouse picked up the Team-of-the-Year at the 2009 Future Awards...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

DJ Neptune

Ok! I heard about this mixtape sometime last year and was thrilled at the idea of another Nigerian DJ dropping a mixtape; though, I had my reservations about how good the mixtape would be, especially since the most celebrated DJ in these parts, DJ Jimmy Jatt had raised the bars for DJs with his 'Definition' mixtape. The 'Definition' to date remains the most successful 'collaboration' album with hits such as 'Stylee' and 'Too Much'. DJ Neptune is one of the finest DJs I know {yup, he's got skills and is a fine}; heard him do his thing for a while now on Raypower 100.5FM {Lagos} and dude reps hard everytime. I finally got to meet him about 2 weeks ago and he sent me the 1st single off his 'EVA BLAZIN' mixtape...

"Mr. Deejay...u dey kill me with this kill me with this...kill me with this gbedu anybody wey hear the music... see the whole-a-dem wanna knw u..."

The song kicks off with a very catchy chorus; and then Ruffman comes in with that ruff ragga swagger that makes his performance on any song stand out. YQ does it for me on the 2nd verse...

"...before you come i been dey here dey blow i been dey rest my back on the wall now when u dey here... i am ready to really really rock am steady..."

I've heard YQ on several joints but this one gets the cake for it. His sound is unique and totally refreshing on this beat. Shank a.k.a Shank the song to its climax. I have to give props to Dr. Frabz for yet another hit production.

"...u dey kill me with this kill me with this...kill me with this gbedu for the good thing pon de replay see d girl dem going crazy... over you...over you..."

Thismetalchic says:
This is definitely a 2009 hit....enjoy Mr. Deejay

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real Name: Oladipupo Ogundele

Record Label: Effyzie Entertainment

Born as Oladipupo Ogundele into a family of five boys in the early eighties, DIPP began his music career at the tender age of nine, singing along to the hits of Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Boyz2Men and the likes, while imitating the dance moves of the master of the falsettos and stage performances, the only and one, Michael Jackson.

DIPP started recording his debut solo album in 2005; the album which is near completion will bring to the listener a perfect harmony of indigenous and international renditions of the pop and R&B genre, while vividly describing the struggles of a man striving to achieve his destiny.

An all round performer, DIPP thrills every audience he gets before with not only perfect harmonies but also with stunning dance moves and such stage presences that it makes it hard to see him doing anything else. He’s currently being listed as one of the top performers in Nigeria.

The first single "Dangerous featuring M.I" off his debut album titled "The Future Is Now" has made topped various charts around Nigeria. The song and video, which has been nominated for a series of awards this year, are currently receiving an impressive volume of airplay and presence in the media.

DIPP holds a Bsc in Building from the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna; and is a part owner of Effyzzie Interactive Company.

Thismetalchic says:

Check out DIPP's sexy new single, tis called 'JEJE'; watch out for the album version with KEL....heard tis sick!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This year's the year of the experience; mark my words and live it! Great things will happen this year irrespective of all 'em credit-crunch stuff that's happening all over. But hey, go read Matthew 5:13-15 and then you'll know some of us will be balling all year 2009 is here; is here; here's a brief overview of stuff you should look out for this year.

· Kel's debut album drops in the first quarter of this year; it's the maddest album any Naija female artist has ever dropped. Mad skills; mad music. CAPital Hill Music reppin hard this year; as Tha Suspect's album also drops this year; Public Nuisance; there's a track with Wyclef on it, yessir! Wyclef! Coming soon, the longest remix ever in history of Nigerian music; it's gon' be too hard for some of y'all to handle. It's the remix of 'I no send you' with....I said coming soon!

·, he's predicted to be one of Nigeria's best stage performers this year. A.k.a the crusader, dude reps hard on anything and OMD u should see him on stage. His singles, 'Ndoli Ndoli' & ' Scared of Love' are currently getting good airplay and it's just to get better in a few days. His debut album, Ndoli King will drop in the first quarter of 2009.

· Wizkid…if you dunno, y’all better know. He’s one of the most talented artists of our time and dude’s 18. He recently repped on the 'Talking the Hardest {9ja Mix Vol. 2' with Iceprince & Jesse Jags. He’s on track 11, Fast Money Fast Cars on M.I’s album. BTW if you don’t have that album, you have nuffin to talk about so you should keep quiet whenever great music is being discussed…back to the program….look out for Wizkid.

· "Choc boys in the building this year"....M.I…if you got his ‘TALK ABOUT IT’ album, then you can definitely sit in on any music forum….you get mouth! Lol. But just when you thot you had heard the best from M.I, dude’s dropping 2 more albums this year…’ILLEGAL MUSIC’ and ‘ONE’. Hip-hop’s the new commercial music…go ask your vendor.

Also coming out from the Chocolate City are 2 very talented individuals; Jesse Jags and Iceprince. Jesse Jags' will be listed as one of the best producers in Nigeria this year, as he's already receiving kudos for the work he did with his brother, M.I on TALK ABOUT IT; he's just as capable when it come to writing 16 bars, his wordplays on any beat are just tew mahd! Iceprince brings it hard this year...Iceprince, first caught my attention, back in 2005 on some 'Beautiful' compilation album...then when he featured on M.I's Blaze, he confirmed that he was good and just before the end of 2008, I got his new single, Rewind, now I'm all starry's definitely bringing it hard this year. You can listen to Iceprince & Jesse Jags tag team on 'Talking the Hardest {9ja Mix Vol. 2 with Wizkid

· CON.tra.diction…this lady’s going put a new definition to music in Naija this year. With an alternative approach to Soul and Rock music and performances as we know it, CON.tra.diction’s definitely here to make headlines in 2009.

· The KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES VOL. 1…this has to be the ‘sickest’ compilation album ever to be made in Nigeria. With music produced by Knighthouse, eX-O, Tha Suspect and many others, it features collaborations by some of the finest artists in Nigeria such as Mode 9, Terry Tha Rapman, Kel, Blaise, M.I, Saucekid, Othello, Teckzilla, pHisayo, Mo’Cheddah, Tha Suspect, DJ Sose, Tosyn ‘CON.tra.diction’ Bucknor, Teeto C-Mos, IllBliss, Wizkid, KB {Trybesmen}, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, Saber, Se7en…..aargh! the list is just to mahd!

· TRUE SCHOOL…TRUE SCHOOL...TRUE SCHOOL...what’s that all about? Keep your ears and eyes on alert.

The music scene in Nigeria gets better this year, as rumours have it that more concerts will hold this year; very talented artists shall come up this year…some names to watch out for include Zee, Eva, Slim T, Outshine, Schizo, 20 Bucks; very entertaining albums will also be released this year. Word's out that the following artists will drop new albums this year; Shank, Loosekaynon, Naeto C, Terry Tha Rapman, Banky W...

Thismetalchic says:

Experience 2009; live once, live well and live hard my friends! Cha!


Lagos – He grew up listening to different genres of music and was greatly inspired to learn how music was made; today, he is regarded as one of the few producers in Nigeria to bring in a distinct feel to music. Tha Suspect is a music enthusiast, who does not just make good beats but also sings and raps.

 His first major feature was on the remix of IllBliss’ “You Go Wound”, where he stunned many with his attitude and word play in Pidgin English. Shortly after that he released the first single, Ja Won Si, on which he featured LKT and Dr. Frabs. Tha Suspect represents the truth and would stop at almost nothing to reflect this in his music; his new singles, I No Send You and “I Go Make Am” testify to this.

He is the brain behind Kel’s hit single, “Waa Wa Alright” and will be producing all the songs on her debut album; in recent times, Tha Suspect has also worked with several artist such as Durella {mastered his ‘King of the Zanga’ album}, Alaye, Tito C-Mos, H-Man, just to mention a few. He calls his forthcoming debut album, PUBLIC NUISANCE, an experiment, because he explores many sides to music on this album.

Tha Suspect represents the city of Ikeja and the hustles associated with growing up on the streets of Ikeja; an experience that has been a very huge influence on his music and life as a whole.

Short Bio

Real Name: David Peter

Birthday: January 3rd

Place of Birth: Lagos

State of Origin: Akwa Ibom

Record Label: Capital Hill Music