Wednesday, March 4, 2009


She grew up on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria, in the quiet and reserved Satellite Town. She got involved with rap as a hobby but then it stuck after months and months of constant mimes to tracks by popular international acts like Bone Thugs and Harmony, Eminem, Missy Elliot, Eve and Left Eye. Kel got into music professionally in 2002 when she hooked up with an indie music label; after a series of life-teaching events, that ship had to sail. She went on to learn more about music, the art of RAP and hone her skills; in that time she worked with several artistes and producers such as Freestyle, Terry tha Rapman, Jokaynie and Sound Sultan. Years later in 2007, Terry Tha Rapman introduced her to Clarence A. Peters, who was shopping for acts new record label, CAPital Hill Music.

Her first single, Waa Wa Alright was released in March 2008 and to date, it enjoys impressive reviews in both local and international media. Though she has become reasonably famous around these parts, Kel still keeps a level head, trying to balance her new found fame and seemingly regular life in Satellite Town. Kel is just the girl next door with great talent and everything that goes with it; a record label and management that are wholly committed to her; the swag of a rapper; she's chic; you name it. As the 23-year old rapper puts final touches to her much awaited debut album, The Investment, word has it that new videos and singles will soon hit airwaves, precluding the release of the album. On The Investment, Kel explores different rap styles to establish the ‘Kel’ sound. The album also features some of Nigeria’s finest artists such as Shank, Alaye, YQ, M.I, illBliss, Tha Suspect and Nyore, to mention a few.

Following the release of her debut album, Kel will set new standards for female artists in Africa. Kel represents the average girl, who grew up in a regular environment, discovered a knack and gift for rap and then committed herself to making the best of it. The Investment tells an underlining story of passion and commitment to a cause. In recent times, Kel has done several collabos with artists such as K-Solo, Skuki, H-Man, Tha Suspect, Sound Sultan etc; plus there's that insane hype song she did with Othello & M.I, Talking the Hardest {Naija Mix Vol. 1}


  1. ok. lets see. Kel is tight!she got swag, and she cute:-). I think she's on her way to the top. However she needs all the support she and the team can get, so she doesnt fall into the cliche 'twist', a lot of female rappers are placed into.

    Goodluck kel! Waa wa alright!

  2. Switched On... cliche "twist"...pls elaborate....