Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This year's the year of the experience; mark my words and live it! Great things will happen this year irrespective of all 'em credit-crunch stuff that's happening all over. But hey, go read Matthew 5:13-15 and then you'll know some of us will be balling all year 2009 is here; is here; here's a brief overview of stuff you should look out for this year.

· Kel's debut album drops in the first quarter of this year; it's the maddest album any Naija female artist has ever dropped. Mad skills; mad music. CAPital Hill Music reppin hard this year; as Tha Suspect's album also drops this year; Public Nuisance; there's a track with Wyclef on it, yessir! Wyclef! Coming soon, the longest remix ever in history of Nigerian music; it's gon' be too hard for some of y'all to handle. It's the remix of 'I no send you' with....I said coming soon!

·, he's predicted to be one of Nigeria's best stage performers this year. A.k.a the crusader, dude reps hard on anything and OMD u should see him on stage. His singles, 'Ndoli Ndoli' & ' Scared of Love' are currently getting good airplay and it's just to get better in a few days. His debut album, Ndoli King will drop in the first quarter of 2009.

· Wizkid…if you dunno, y’all better know. He’s one of the most talented artists of our time and dude’s 18. He recently repped on the 'Talking the Hardest {9ja Mix Vol. 2' with Iceprince & Jesse Jags. He’s on track 11, Fast Money Fast Cars on M.I’s album. BTW if you don’t have that album, you have nuffin to talk about so you should keep quiet whenever great music is being discussed…back to the program….look out for Wizkid.

· "Choc boys in the building this year"....M.I…if you got his ‘TALK ABOUT IT’ album, then you can definitely sit in on any music forum….you get mouth! Lol. But just when you thot you had heard the best from M.I, dude’s dropping 2 more albums this year…’ILLEGAL MUSIC’ and ‘ONE’. Hip-hop’s the new commercial music…go ask your vendor.

Also coming out from the Chocolate City are 2 very talented individuals; Jesse Jags and Iceprince. Jesse Jags' will be listed as one of the best producers in Nigeria this year, as he's already receiving kudos for the work he did with his brother, M.I on TALK ABOUT IT; he's just as capable when it come to writing 16 bars, his wordplays on any beat are just tew mahd! Iceprince brings it hard this year...Iceprince, first caught my attention, back in 2005 on some 'Beautiful' compilation album...then when he featured on M.I's Blaze, he confirmed that he was good and just before the end of 2008, I got his new single, Rewind, now I'm all starry's definitely bringing it hard this year. You can listen to Iceprince & Jesse Jags tag team on 'Talking the Hardest {9ja Mix Vol. 2 with Wizkid

· CON.tra.diction…this lady’s going put a new definition to music in Naija this year. With an alternative approach to Soul and Rock music and performances as we know it, CON.tra.diction’s definitely here to make headlines in 2009.

· The KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES VOL. 1…this has to be the ‘sickest’ compilation album ever to be made in Nigeria. With music produced by Knighthouse, eX-O, Tha Suspect and many others, it features collaborations by some of the finest artists in Nigeria such as Mode 9, Terry Tha Rapman, Kel, Blaise, M.I, Saucekid, Othello, Teckzilla, pHisayo, Mo’Cheddah, Tha Suspect, DJ Sose, Tosyn ‘CON.tra.diction’ Bucknor, Teeto C-Mos, IllBliss, Wizkid, KB {Trybesmen}, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, Saber, Se7en…..aargh! the list is just to mahd!

· TRUE SCHOOL…TRUE SCHOOL...TRUE SCHOOL...what’s that all about? Keep your ears and eyes on alert.

The music scene in Nigeria gets better this year, as rumours have it that more concerts will hold this year; very talented artists shall come up this year…some names to watch out for include Zee, Eva, Slim T, Outshine, Schizo, 20 Bucks; very entertaining albums will also be released this year. Word's out that the following artists will drop new albums this year; Shank, Loosekaynon, Naeto C, Terry Tha Rapman, Banky W...

Thismetalchic says:

Experience 2009; live once, live well and live hard my friends! Cha!


Lagos – He grew up listening to different genres of music and was greatly inspired to learn how music was made; today, he is regarded as one of the few producers in Nigeria to bring in a distinct feel to music. Tha Suspect is a music enthusiast, who does not just make good beats but also sings and raps.

 His first major feature was on the remix of IllBliss’ “You Go Wound”, where he stunned many with his attitude and word play in Pidgin English. Shortly after that he released the first single, Ja Won Si, on which he featured LKT and Dr. Frabs. Tha Suspect represents the truth and would stop at almost nothing to reflect this in his music; his new singles, I No Send You and “I Go Make Am” testify to this.

He is the brain behind Kel’s hit single, “Waa Wa Alright” and will be producing all the songs on her debut album; in recent times, Tha Suspect has also worked with several artist such as Durella {mastered his ‘King of the Zanga’ album}, Alaye, Tito C-Mos, H-Man, just to mention a few. He calls his forthcoming debut album, PUBLIC NUISANCE, an experiment, because he explores many sides to music on this album.

Tha Suspect represents the city of Ikeja and the hustles associated with growing up on the streets of Ikeja; an experience that has been a very huge influence on his music and life as a whole.

Short Bio

Real Name: David Peter

Birthday: January 3rd

Place of Birth: Lagos

State of Origin: Akwa Ibom

Record Label: Capital Hill Music