Thursday, January 22, 2009

DJ Neptune

Ok! I heard about this mixtape sometime last year and was thrilled at the idea of another Nigerian DJ dropping a mixtape; though, I had my reservations about how good the mixtape would be, especially since the most celebrated DJ in these parts, DJ Jimmy Jatt had raised the bars for DJs with his 'Definition' mixtape. The 'Definition' to date remains the most successful 'collaboration' album with hits such as 'Stylee' and 'Too Much'. DJ Neptune is one of the finest DJs I know {yup, he's got skills and is a fine}; heard him do his thing for a while now on Raypower 100.5FM {Lagos} and dude reps hard everytime. I finally got to meet him about 2 weeks ago and he sent me the 1st single off his 'EVA BLAZIN' mixtape...

"Mr. Deejay...u dey kill me with this kill me with this...kill me with this gbedu anybody wey hear the music... see the whole-a-dem wanna knw u..."

The song kicks off with a very catchy chorus; and then Ruffman comes in with that ruff ragga swagger that makes his performance on any song stand out. YQ does it for me on the 2nd verse...

"...before you come i been dey here dey blow i been dey rest my back on the wall now when u dey here... i am ready to really really rock am steady..."

I've heard YQ on several joints but this one gets the cake for it. His sound is unique and totally refreshing on this beat. Shank a.k.a Shank the song to its climax. I have to give props to Dr. Frabz for yet another hit production.

"...u dey kill me with this kill me with this...kill me with this gbedu for the good thing pon de replay see d girl dem going crazy... over you...over you..."

Thismetalchic says:
This is definitely a 2009 hit....enjoy Mr. Deejay