Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ryt Now... Websites

I've decided to start a series titled 'Ryt Now', where I'd just share my views and thoughts on different stuff; yep! all entertainment related sturvs! For starters, I'd like to talk about certain websites that are gradually making me rediscover life outside

Switched On

They started off as a magazine in 2007, yea I'll never forget that 1st ed; it had a condom attached to it! I still remember how the guys at my NYSC zonal office, rushed d mag on CD content of d mag was jus too original, youth culture in a whole new and daring dimension. In 2008, dey stepped up their game, following the 'online-age', and brought us 'switched on naija'. This site is really cool; the images, blogs, interviews, features etc are all on point. I particularly love d mood and tone of the website as a whole; it's very creative and daring, which is the true spirit behind the Nigerian youth today.

We Run Things

"We run things, things no run we" Well, this guys just popped up last year and it doesn't seem like they'll be popping away anytime soon. On werunthings, you get up to date info on some major events; celebs; blogs etc. I love the commentaries as well {people dissing each other can be}

DJ Mighty Mike
Reppin Naija DJs...DJ Mighty Mike reps Naija music hard on this site, you can download some of the hottest songs, videos and freestyles on this site; and make comments about them too. I met DJ Mighty Mike last Christmas and dude's so on point; he's so genuinely passionate about Nigerian music and not the 'razz' stuff put out just to make chedahs but strictly fab home-made music, u dig?

Timmy Naija

Somebodi say 'Timmy Naija'...what?! Our elders say to give praise to whom praise is due and I agree...mehn! every and anytime you hear or see his name, you'd better 'beri' I'm not going to say much about this website cos it can only be experienced, click on it and you'll see why! It's an online music community on the

Yeepa! {}
Another website where you can find really cool reviews, info on events and celebs, pictures, interesting blogs etc...

...the cool thing about these sites is that they are all Nigerian...yessir! u can shout 'Yeepa'...{lol, I jus had to add that}...peace up!!!



  1. I love switchedonnaija, did they really attach a conddom to their first cover? That's a great way to preach safe sex. I hope all those guys who rushed the mag actually used the condoms.

  2. yes o! theres life outside facebook! lol.